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Page 3: item C is new, I found both cover and contents (but not at the same time)

Here is are some of the baby pattern books for sale. The orange flags indicate there’s at least one soaker pattern inside.

Page 4: A and B available

Page 5: #C has a crochet soaker, all others have at least one pattern. These are leaflets with 6-8 patterns, $2.00 each

Page 6: A is baby patterns, B is all-family knitwear

Page 6: c. 1970s baby patterns, with one soaker/panty in each.

Page 7: A and C available

Page 7: only D is available

Page 7: still one copy of H available

Page 8: vintage (unsure of the year), fewer patterns in these leaflets (between 6-8) – except for #E
These womens’ patterns just flew out the door – all sold.

Page 10: Late '30s and '40s skinny mini men's (and boys') fashions

If you see something you like, or if you have questions about any particular patterns please e-mail me through the form below and let me know which issues you’re interested in by stating the page # and letter code. Or you can PM me on Ravelry, if you’re coming from there. Please also add your best offer. Shipping will be via USPS Media Mail, so it should be pretty cheap.


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